Joni Ernst, a Strong women.

by dad4grace

Dear Vicki,

Hey, I’ve been in Iowa for the past couple days at the  LCMC international gathering. It has been a great week with excellent speakers.  My favorite, surprisingly, wasn’t my old Professor Dr. Sundberg. He was good but not as good as the  Rev. Margaret Manning of RZIM ministries.

Have you heard of Joni Ernst? She is running for the senate here in Iowa.  She was a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Iowa National Guard serving in Iraq, rides a Harley and is a State Senator.  This is a Women that should be held up by feminists as an example; she is not.  Why? because of her deeply held Catholic beliefs and her pro-life stance. She has been accused of waging a war on women.  You could read about the race in this Washington Post article.

Now I don’t want this to get into another abortion debate but rather to point to another strong woman that instead of being celebrated for her accomplishments is demonize for her political viewpoints.  The perspective from those of us standing outside the feminist movement is that feminism is not about lifting up and celebrating all women but rather a specific agenda that ranges from left of center to radical left.

I am looking forward to putting our blogs together.  What is our next step?