Be aware of “Isms”

by dad4grace

Dear Vicki,

Be aware of ‘isms.’ Another way saying this, is asking are you cognizant of ideology that forms your thought? There are some ‘isms’ or ideologies that we all should beware of, such as, racism, sexism, communism, and facism. I certainly don’t put feminism into that camp. Just the same, while you don’t have to beware of feminism, you do have to be aware of it, in other words cognizant of the ideological framework of feminism. Every philosophical system or ‘ism’ has a certain set of criteria that must be accepted in order to understand the conclusion that, that particular ideology, philosophical system, or “ism” proclaims.

It is like putting on a pair of glasses. You see everything through the lenses of those glasses. If the lenses are good then you see clearly. If they are warped in any way then your view of reality is warped. All ‘isms’ view of reality is warped in some way. There is no philospohcial system that has a perfect perspective of reality. In the case of feminism it seems to magnify certain aspects of reality while ignoring other aspects. The result is that you take issues out of their context. So for example: Feminism focuses on the minimal number of women in engineering programs but ignore the fact that there are more women than men in college overall; feminism focuses on the hateful rhetoric and the two  women victims of the Isle Vista shooter but ignores the four male victims and the untreated mental illness of the shooter; feminism focuses on the fact that women are not being hired back at as fast a rate as men as we stumble out of this recession but ignores the fact that many more men than women lost jobs at the beginning.  In each one of these examples both sides are important.

Now I am not saying to break the glasses of feminism or to throw them away. After all, all ‘isms’ distort reality but I would encourage you take the glasses off every so often to see what the world looks like from another perspective. That is all for now

Love Dad